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At Clatters...

Duets just donít come any sweeter than this!

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Tech Rider
Stage Plot
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We are very happy to announce the activation of our new sister record label "Sailor Song Records", complete with its very own website at  

and dedicated facebook page  at sailorsongmusic  (Chris Bianco).

Sailorsong is the publishing outlet for our nautical and coastal themed music,

and is the info touch point for all of our West Coast performances.  Our home port in winter is in Avila Beach California.

Stop in for a visit sometime, say

"Ahoy mate" and have a listen

to some of the new material...

(Solo Sailor is the latest, joining Beaches, Sails, Blue Waters Call, and The Sage of Shipwreck Key in our catalogue)

you may find you'll want to go out walking along the shoreline to get your toes in the sand!  Or maybe go out and chase the sun

and catch the wind on a sailboat! 

Fair Winds & Following Seas!




We've managed to record & produce a total of FOURTEEN albums in the last few years,  all completely in-house and original. In 2017 in addition to the new Triple Creek 'best of' album, we've released the new Reflections album of all brand new material with a lively, upbeat, philosophy-lite theme. PLUS...we've launched a new record label "Earthan Song Records" to produce them.  
We are keeping very busy writing,
recording, producing, publishing,
promoting, and performing a whole new brand-line of music.  Might stir a few
minds along the way and generate a little food for thought for those hungry for music worth both listening to AND
worthy of serious contemplation.
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Our Sisters
Buy @
Booking Info @


We are also pleased to announce the birth of our FOURTH record label...

Love In Song Records

and the release of our Fourteenth CD

Wedding Party  

It's all about Fancy, Dancy, and Romancy wedding, engagement, and proposal music.  Purpose-built to fall in love, pop the question, and tie the knot to. More information and samples at 




         So Sorry to have to say goodbye to TCR in 2018


I am very sorry to announce that I am relocating back to the West Coast and will have to say goodbye to all my friends and audience at the Legendary Triple Creek Ranch.   This was a fabulous gig, in a very fine venue, located in a picture-perfect mountain setting, and I was so honored tohave been selected to be the house troubadour for FIVE-YEARS running.  I handmade this presentation plaque from the CDs and VIP Cards that came out of that period, and I presented it to the Barretts during my last show; it reads:   "To the Barretts, Friends, and Staff of Tripe Creek Ranch in appreciation of your patronage of the musical arts, your unparalled generosity, encouragement, and support, and for the wealth of your kindness and graciousness; I offer my endurand gratitude, respect, and affection. Most sincerely, Christopher M. Bianco".    I will miss you all. 



I am announcing the availability for purchase of the PUBLICATION RIGHTS to my entire catalog of music.  All FOURTEEN albums, plus the play, and the five record companies.  Interested parties can find more details at 



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