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“Bianco’s devotion to all things wild leads him to write and sing about the peace and enjoyment nature lends the human soul... There’s a lot more. Bianco, through his gentle music, encourages us to stop, listen and absorb with all our senses the wildness that we Montanans take for granted.”
- The Lively Times,   May 2014
Christopher Bianco performs new acoustic “Natural Folk” music articulating a love & respect for our Earth, our fellow inhabitants, and for ourselves. His music and his message support the cause of heightening our awareness of our familial relationship with our planet and with our fellow beings.

The title of Bianco's latest album from Wildersong.com says a lot about his music: “Natural Causes” is dedicated to heightening our appreciation of the natural environment and of Mother Earth herself.   Bianco sings about the ideal place where we humans are truly at home and at peace with our planet and with all the life upon her, from the perspective that we are all an integral part of the living planet and kin with the Earth and our fellow inhabitants.

Selections such as “Journey to Wellspring”, “Sweet Harmony” and “One Wonderful Song” each articulate in sweet musical terms how we might achieve a peaceful and harmonious relationship with ourselves and our neighbors. Songs like “Earth Is My Home”, “Just Me and Mother Nature” and “Sweet Mother Earth” sing of our oneness and inseparability with our planet. Others such as “Higher Ground”, “Leave Us Alone” and “Songbird” speak to our familial relationship with the other inhabitants of this planet. Some of the pieces are upbeat and springy with a lightness and sweetness that makes you want to sing along with the chorus and tap your fingers on the table.  Some songs are more relaxed and gently melodic in a way that might inspire a sweet tear of simple joy… and all the while everything vibrates with a reverence for the Earth and a love of natural, peaceful living.

Natural Causes is poetry as well as music; concepts that describe and promote a wholesome relationship with this planet and all its life are articulated in poetry posing as song lyrics. Bianco's lyrics float on memorable melodies that you’ll want to hear again, and that you will likely want your children (and theirs, and theirs…) to hear too. It is all clean, wholesome and very, very good. The words and the message are truly “timeless” in a very real sense - meaning there are zero references to technology or any current or historical events that can be linked to any particular place or time period. Everything in Bianco's music was written and is performed in such a way as to be equally as pertinent and as applicable a hundred years from now anywhere on the planet as well as right here right now.

Are you one who enjoys finely crafted, tasty, acoustic “Natural Folk” music and who also happens to maintain an interest in fostering a productive, wholesome, and peaceful relationship with our fellow humans, our fellow animals, and our mother planet? Then listen to Chris Bianco sing and play with open ears, mind, and heart. Enjoy the peace!
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